Trail of Fear

Rules & FAQ


  • Please follow all signage and directions to maintain social distancing while in the outdoor open area, in the attraction queue lines, and while inside the attractions.
  • While inside the haunted attractions do not run and touch our actors, props, walls, or other objects.  You are permitted to touch any available guardrails for support if needed.
  • Masks are REQUIRED to be warn when inside any attraction at the Trail of Fear Haunted Scream Park. You will get up to two warnings and we reserve the right to remove customers from any attraction who do not follow this rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to attend this year?
A. A lot of time, effort, energy, and expense has gone in to making this even as safe as possible for our customers. As with anything else during this time you are entering our attractions at your own risk.  Please visit our (link) Covid-19 Commitment to Safety  for more information on steps being taken.

Q.  Is the Trail of Fear scary?
A.  All of our attractions are very entertaining, but can be quite scary...isn't that want you want?

Q.  Where are we located?
A.  We are located at 11101 SE Lee Blvd Lawton, OK 73501, just 6.7 miles east of I-44 on Lee Blvd (which is HWY 7).

Q.  When are we open?
A.  All our open dates and times are available on the "Schedule" page located at the top of each webpage.

Q.  Can I bring the whole family?
A.  The answer is up to you. You come here to get scared, so please don't be mad at us if we scare your kids!

Q.  Will the monsters touch us?
A.  If you do not touch our Actors, our actors will not touch you!  Keep in mind that something or someone might accidentally bump into you, but our actors will NOT intentionally grab you.

Q.  Should I bring extra spending money?
A.  You will definitely want to bring extra spending money.  In our midway there are a few vendors, we have great food, and you might want to try one the attractions that you haven't gone through yet.

Q.  How much is parking?
A.  Parking is free.

Q.  Can I volunteer to be a monster or help with the Trail of Fear Scream Park?
A.  Yes you can.  Please send an e-mail to and someone will get back to you.

Q.  Can I take pictures inside?
A.  Pictures are allowed in the Midway area only.  Cameras are not allowed in any of the Haunted Attractions.

Q.  Is everything the same as last year?
A.  No.  We work very hard to change many aspects of our attractions each year.

Q.  Do you offer group discounts?
A.  Yes, we have group discounts for groups of 15 or more.  Please send an email to with "Group Booking" in the subject. Please include the name of your group, a rough number of people that are coming and the date that your group is planning on coming.

Q. Can I bring my cell phone?
A. Feel free to bring it, but we ask that you either turn it to vibrate or turn it off so as not to disturb other customers. Also, the lights from the phone can ruin some of our lighting effects.

Q. Why is there a warning to people with certain ailments (pregnant women, asthmatics, epileptics, etc.) that they should take special precautions when going through the house?
A . Although we take every precaution, strobe lights have been known to cause seizures; the use of fog machines could result in asthma attacks, and some motion may not be tolerable for pregnant women or those with certain physical limitations..

Q.  What is included in the admission price?
A.  When you purchase a ticket to any of the haunted attractions you automatically get access to the Trail of Fear Midway.